Flash games


When the world wide web was developed and browsers became increasingly complex, people started creating browser games that used a web browser as a client. HTML and HTML scripting technologies were used for simple single player games. Web-based graphics technologies such as Flash and Java made these browser games more complex. The software company Adobe developed macromedia flash software originally as an animation programme. However, artists and programmers started to use flash programmes for interactive games. Flash games cover a whole range; action and adventure, role-playing, puzzles, 2D games all the way to 3D egoshooters and MMOs. A lot of games of this type are free online, including online casino gambling. Players have tens of thousands of web games to choose from.

Flash games are distinguished by the quality of production, good sound and graphics, plus interesting background stories. This can be seen in detailed 3D objects. The interfaces are user-friendly. Many flash games are based on popular books and films, and can even become addictive! Amongst them are Farmerama, Solitaire Poker Shuffle and Crystal Runner.

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